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Best regards PRIXLINERS I am with Jennifer and we are live broadcasting from madrid spain You already know that PRIXLINE always broadcasts live on which is Anyone who is watching this and is not yet subscribed to subscribe right now is good time and give the bell so in the next direct you can ask during the issue is worth the broadcast, if you are seeing it later then nothing for the accounts in the comments that we will also answer Jennifer we made a video with her recently you can see it down there on what is the work in construction as you can see woman has worked a lot in building with men and today we are going to talk about how work is in Spain for women the other day is worth what we did for men because today it is the women’s turn that in my opinion they have it a little easier I think men especially when you come from abroad but well Jennifer is the one that goes study or in which he will tell us if you want to introduce yourself to those who do not know you I’m Jennifer Well, I already made a video a couple of weeks ago, no more or less with Luis and well I will explain in this video a little how is the issue of employment demand women in Spain and as Luis says if it is easier for women for several reasons because there is a lot of demand on the subject Home cleaning home cleaning hospitality there is also much demand for women many women are also hired as with and without papers as we are talking about everything then I will specify a bit because they It is very interesting to know but we are talking about everything with or without the administration issue in other words, the office and other women are also in great demand and let’s see I made a chop, you can take the chop we are with some friends who are also the PRIXLINERS of topic of sellers selling cosmetics sellers Commercial whatever professionally seller sellers would also say of dependent on residential clothing and that is also in high demand Y what I was going to tell you on the one hand is going to tell women Well, you can ask us the truth that total methods are you live now in the chat or arrange the questions with the answering ok look now I’m going to talk the people that come and don’t have papers surely you are many there is a lot of demand you can work without having papers in house cleaning there is a lot of demand and the schedule is usually in the morning from 9 to twenty I was cleaning a woman, a girl who was married I got to say once I earned three thousand euros a month PRIXLINERS had the husband who was the driver’s husband I get to say 3000 euros of course I did not stop because he goes to one house then goes to another is not worth it and you know how much they pay ten euros an hour at 10-0 the hour if I just and he has paid 20 euros the hour is that this woman did not have a lot of work and was out of three thousand euros he told me you know what happens that everything they earn is complete for them because they don’t have to pay nowhere to forget that everything we say here are opinions of mine and guests are not recommendations Forgive me well you can ask I am reading and then it is worth yes yes to see what it will comment well you know that the issue of women jobs has increased a lot because women are not as old women now they also need to work apart that is not worth the salary of a man but also the woman needs to work there are several factors and several there are benefits and several problems two problems if they have family life Page yes, when you always do an interview with women, you can check it, they will ask you if you have children that by the way, of course, and they can’t even ask but they ask if you are going to have children if you plan to have children or if you have children and they ask for nothing they ask because they know that if a child gets bad he has to go take him to the doctor the mother and the child leave school before who has to go the things that are wrong that’s what to be but they will know when they do interviews new clinical questions and of course it is not Same we can’t have it no but it is not the same yes yes if you have the mother is exceeded normal but the mother called from school is sick who he knows how to run of course well although a good father We are the mothers always in the classes Normally, businessmen usually know it and then they know today in a building they are the ones who wanted to talk to Jennifer about the construction although today we are talking about work in women and since it has a lot of construction experience you have taken advantage of Then you bombard me with the comments What is a question or what is going to be told is a trick when they are done when you do an interview he asks this my family is to say you can say calmly that if I said it in his day always seen that I have family We tell him that he has always worked in construction companies in something else but that yes with a little bit of there as an administrative secretary if it is after doing the interviews you read about the city I have always said that I had a family that I have children but what not and then they put on your weird faces but well you always have the way out of saying but no problem because I have my children located the Tell them how you do the weird thing I say yes but there is no problem because I do not have my children located I am not going to have no problem missing such a day meant they get bad I have someone to leave it with that is important that you tell us stay calmer then it is important what then you later you can ask for a day and the company can never refuse if your child is under 12 years old so you can fire her Even the schedule the schedule It is reduced this can reduce the schedule either in the morning or in the afternoon of course if it reduces you it is one hour approximately they will discount you in the salary between 150 and 200 do not arrive if it reduces you two hours because double Today, when you request it from a company, the company cannot refuse or fire you for requesting that.


this is illegal they can’t do it then that you have there is a factor that you can do it perfectly PRIXLINERS the ones I’m asking consulting questions now in the chat now today we’re going to be with Jennifer He has come up here right to do the live every day on instagram at 18 onwards Madrid time I do the consulting, I will finish it for a while tomorrow, I do another one to the other, it is better to give more to the consultancies, we are on Instagram look for PRIXLINE and we do that today those questions we are going to leave jennifer ok they have prepared the issue of how to find work women in Spain it is worth or is going to comment on how it came to find good work people who do not have papers that interests them important people who do not have papers do not worry there is work for people and women without papers as I said in household cleaning you see us a lot of people who work for that earn money they are paying ten euros an hour I tell you two thousand euros A month of course not you can make a house normally it is five hours six hours you can make a house in the morning and another house in the same way they find their jobs in a thousand ads in milanuncios all the jobs that there are a thousand ads are all without registering everything you see without they will not ask you for papers they are not going to ask you many questions like and in a thousand ads you put in a thousand job ads Javier gm is gentleman how are Jennifer here your question is the transfer hello good afternoon I’m Colombian I would like to know the demand as a welder there is a lot of demand watch the video with jennifer but get into the pages as I said info job infojobs thousand ads There are many pages you get into all those and put in the tiler category and all your doors will come out and write them you will have to put your resume in one hand and then if you do not have the paper attach it and it will call you in the thick and Jennifer sometimes the when this keeps you fang nothing to eat then we take it is that he hears that he is very good at can find cleaning job drowning in hospitality that is also in high demand for women because although that is to say a barbarity to say the presence says a lot in the hospitality industry if a woman is in the hospitality industry Maria tells us bravo to request in a thousand ads you have to be in Spain You can find it from the dotcom ad Y talking about my mother about a cleaning girl, tell her about brazil cases so that this one without discharging She called my mother while in her country that this is Cuban being in his country I talk to my mother came here my mother the dentist without papers is and nothing is taking her 700 euros as the other day he told us one but the fault is the fault of being not charge later it stopped and I got angry live do not look at it is in the video before the end do not see that I got angry live I said come here to work but not to charge the clear is that that bothers a little that annoys the Spaniards a little because this riot now work you don’t come here work if you’re already and in that that if you are going to find a lot of demand just like in the talitas would hurt just like also dependent on dependents normally if they ask you to register and have the papers in the gallery taking hours for hours there is also cooks in those are a bit more flexible Claudia does not say more greetings and greetings to all the people without throwing out, I can’t mention everyone but I am seeing a lot that does not say claudia that in these sites how the information is filtered of a thousand ads for example or jennifer you when you go to search by the cook or delicious as you want to teach live channel is perfect for you to see you accept it here Mira is getting thousand ads there is milanuncios you get into employment you see it there are jobs you get into employment you give it and here is a light and is in search engine and you are looking for the job you want cleaning for example I’m going to put cleaning for example PRIXLINERS real time cleaning about all this is of interest to the papers those you want are always asking how I look for work in their papers also for men Look pieces are the offers Now one day all the people come out then you give him to contact contact and to have a good time the phone number comes an email or to contact them you get many in all Spain you select by province wherever you want and they will leave you and an idea has just occurred to you with what you are doing I am getting a PRIXLINERS idea even in those who are looking for someone to hire you Spain could educate there is also to do a loss of the idea you can search as I said jenifer explained for example cleaning you look for internal example some internal side Call or by e-mail as Jennifer says and say look that I am here that I know here in Colombia or I am here on such a site I want to go to Spain, you would make me a contract to work at home It is worth paper and without expensive paper for those of a pot and if I do not go that if you register and there are other people who do not do what you want is that many of them want to come to Spain to work we will raise a thousand ads both can put offers as you can put demand that is you can put your ad I’m looking for a clean job also collective intelligence among all hey a paragraph those who are in the chat mc asking things about yorepueblo and that other thing that you are in the chat that you know answer him finally and if not put it then in the comments ok that the best is the debate among all that is how you learn the most collective intelligence look what you just said put the ad yourself appearing offering with your mail or your phone although I am out of Spain if we come today inside demand job demand and place our ad I’m looking for cleaning I’m looking for hospitality I’m looking for hospitality and you put your phone number and there are people who just don’t get in to search among people there are companies and people that are ending today or to look for people debate debate Hernán’s hope tells us double roxana right now in the live chat who is not subscribed good time to be able to the next likes that we always broadcast live he says to subscribe he says he has become that has become considered good I have returned 22 months ago in Romania and I had to interrupt the contract because I had to find a house and they didn’t find any what would we say I guess it’s a house to clean, it doesn’t happen to clean, I just want to say cassano clarifying whether it is home to live or home to work to what house says but let’s both It is very easy, Claudia Dilma says that it is very didactic of the video that we learn more all the new website with many thanks Roxana clarifying if you did not find a house to live or a house to work cleaning as we are talking about gas but we are going to find in the two options in a thousand ads you will find the two options perfectly tells us augusto In fact, August is right that in order to make a contract, the employer must justify that your vacancy cannot be filled by a Spaniard so you need a foreigner dies of observation at ease but for example paper and Chilean would have to justify that and for the other countries a contribution my opinion can say look I need me to be a Colombian girl because Colombian has to do it to me yes or no but I’m not doing well in Spanish, it doesn’t have to be justified in addition to get the contract and It is to get the official contract, be careful, but for Peru and Chile, it is not for Peru, Chile is the same as for those outside to make the contract officer asks them the state that it has to be a job that cannot be filled But imagine what comes out I need a native German because I want my children to learn country and could be before the press trying ok but can justify something invent some girl from another country changes better than a Spanish what has to be Colombian because yes I want my children my children learn the culture of Colombia Everything you have and that is why we are here help is making it legally clear legal paths but here post elpozo roxana doble tells us the house to live well Because zone by the well the well puts here where the well is these things people but it is not that independently you see milanuncios equally you are looking for instead of not in offers of valladolid you go to real estate and an option that puts real estate real estate offer look for the province’s location and you get everything I can’t think of another side idea you can’t search You can’t search for a room, there are also rooms for me, the cheapest city and another western one, which is to share and share house in this case roxana although you are in Romania looking to share house in middle of what will come out of the area that is clear Of course, because I would not be subscribed to the PRIXLINE channel, look at this information, it is valuable, I have to go back to Romania.


the other day I saw the plane ticket to Romania for 50 euros The bus Good that year of what you want today we will be shorter PRIXLINERS You have to meet the one who met Madrid manages to be helped graphics to help me just work for you to see The employment of women in Spain look I have brought a graph because there are jobs of all the unemployed single to hunt to see the demand that more air do not know if they will do well ok show it and read it both the best things here it is in the blue stripe is the single pink stripe married women the stripe lose the widows and the purple line the separated voucher and here you have The range of what is most sought or what more women in the activity and where they work the most I am seeing what are the whole areas then what commented on the issue of how many ask about the issue of whether you have family forgiveness has asked that the separate people for whom Women look for work in Spain inside were divorced separated they are followed by single women and then married and finally life in no very little really looking very little it’s true the other day he called me to work as a telemarketer one that had just separated although it happens that with all due respect when you are married and your husband works you usually dedicate yourself rather to children when you get divorced or separated you have no more noses than looking for life why she is already alone there are no longer two salaries in the house if it is not one then you have to look for life with good this graphic so you can see What there is did you know that It looks more graphic than 50 of the population working in Spain are women Half of those who work are women and a total equality equal money Women do not charge the same as men and do not understand why but you do not But close but it is not understood because they understand us because when women are we are more trained we prepare more the subject of studies and we have more training of men and for less that gap and that there is equality came to the hole that tells us the mobbing duarte that the cheapest room that find that there are 300 euros that can be improved by the information you have depends on the area She says that if a room is cheap, I see it as expensive as what Jennifer says, she undertakes the area Madrid is expensive if Robin look in toledo if around that area toledo sure you’re worth 100 euros a room and how much is tel educational bus when a town of Toledo influenced nothing not 30 to 40 minutes mobile if in Madrid a room can be worth 300 euros and estimates charisma list leader but toledo around madrid 40 minutes Jennifer you have more graphics and I take care of consultative a graphic Of the female employment rate by age groups so you can see how I’m going to show you and now I’m going to explain it is not worth looking at in Spain there you see it The highest peak is not green that is delivered from 35 to 39 years the ones that work the most in that environment of that age then we have the next one is from the age of 25 to 29 years women the next From 45 to 49 look, they are older and still there kicking and the least the least are working in female employment is the one from 55 to 59 but the highest range is my age from 35 to 39 years old those are the ones that work the most in Spain and another thing I wanted to tell you there is also the possibility that I have not said to become autonomous Work for your chair a head of your business 35 33 percent of women workers in Spain are women and self-employed The girl is clean and autonomous of course I do not think we pay a lot of taxes but Normally what you pay to him social security is 200 and peak of euros how much a ticket is worth that doesn’t matter Toledo before per month but we get a transport payment of those 60 euros 60 euros because the room is worth a hundred euros 760 and in half that 300 years and they look a lot you can find more cheap for unlimited monthly transport the whole month can be worth about 60 euros but you can make the trips you want without limit round trip for what were around the issue of autonomous the autonomous is and no I want to be autonomous does not say the general outgoing may have become a simple process subscribe to a room in toledo Autonomous three thousand euros I’m 20 but not for autonomous are not illegal is working is as if you say your own before you get from here our nobody who is irregular the one who ends up in the distal office 25 the girl who says she always follows if regularly they are not with any crime do not offend you because they have stolen another call so it can not stay and we follow the correct language irregular and you are going to do it is autonomous and you quote yourself for your work and only charge what you work there what to say no company quotes for you you quote alone and it will be around about two and a half euros I think if you look at double rosana it has papers because at least because if it has never been autonomous does not feel the first year the first two years you have to pay 50 euros a month to the state and with that that is all the rights but if I tell you if one of the cleaning that works is working hard and very well he earned three thousand euros a month with 150 for the stable of the first years is that there are offer in cleaning also a lot and look for you to clean well and clean well everyone knows how to start everybody knows how to clean and we do now the done Five hours in the morning a day is fifty euros a party since knowing cheap rooms near Barcelona But google more nearby towns of indicated intel you hear very simple milanuncios barcelona do not search for nasa people search and you get the prices of everything comes if you choose the town that I play tell you that just daniel vales luis it is feasible to work in madrid and live in toledo of course it is feasible these people who do not imagine everything then capital and in toledo towns look for them to be well connected by train or bus but they are very well connected in very good line I live in the escorial the same distance that I tolerate on the other hand and here I am with Jennifer and We are in Madrid right now and then I become nothing 30 minutes to the people that I know that eventually work well to Madrid and nothing happens look says styling you can work without papers ricardo josé palma The index writing videos there is an interview a girl doing a destined the nails were lined and they were going to win the houses and make them at home look what I was doing in the morning is work in a hairdresser and in the afternoon he saw that the half the hairdresser stayed in the evenings at home and did everything without papers all to many people and everything clean Eye let’s not say we do But he hears that many people who do it if you can go and with the subject of nails you earn a lot because it takes me a lot I’m getting mad at the PRIXLINERS I am not responding to those who ask things that we have already tried many clients know answer them so that I don’t interrupt the jennifer who are demanding things off topic adapt things of yorepueblo all that in the comments ok but good keep asking that then we analyze everything listen, he wants to talk about inheritance tax, but what does inheritance tax have to do with that is when someone dies and you leave your children things so you want to give them our pensions I say the association tax very quickly is not studied right to all that already listen in Madrid cheaper is taxes much cheaper than maybe in other autonomous communities there it varies but that is when one dies and leaves his descendants to the rich or whatever in Madrid it is cheaper than the best in Catalonia, the state stays much longer But well hello Luis if you are irregular I can put I can become autonomous without leaving the country sure good question Positive Jennifer is very positive to say goods and some guests who say is that it was not positive So you can become autonomous what the consulate has to do you have to go out to do luckily or unfortunately Of course if you do not have to fight with the three years if then if you do the rooting and sometimes autonomous to become autonomous which is to work your own business there are offers were very good what was it that told you to wet the first year you just have to pay fifty euros tax to the state then it is to encourage and under construction talking to the construction law and under construction many freelancers are hired eh? Any topic on any topic of any of electricity from plumbing that is a good way for you to also come as workers looking at the consulate self-employed worker is called your self-employed is the minimum self-employed self-employed the same thing then set up our electrician plumber business you are going to hire the construction companies She works in a construction company, she knows it well and the money makes for you complete for you.


dependent d pending you have to set up your own store but if we didn’t have it and on issues I would also have many freelancers too he says francesco velazco hello advice on bilingual oper jobs English-Spanish with the same and they charge more now not because as you are bilingual I am teaching it in hospitality the theme especially in madrid in central madrid They also ask you to have languages ​​because there is a lot of tourism and many people come to visit Madrid so you have to speak English yes normally simple Jorge, I’m going to look at the license, I don’t know if the US driver’s license is worth it directly in Madrid that is in Spain we go or we have to take a small exam of validation of some paperwork but come on if you have it it will not cost you do it not worth the units in the stadium of cheaper rentals by robyn and cheaper than Madrid are el Escorial rentals and in Villalba that is even closer if everything that is furthest from madrid center is going to be killed no cheap town where the escorial galapagar so far the pay very cheap very cheap and is still closer to madrid el escorial being by the same people we have spoken before toledo a town also that cheap mind méntrida smoked angel want to live in Spain with our savings 59-54 Jennifer already told you and I also tell you that there is no discrimination with age that you do our job well the emigrant is wanting to work and do well robyn duarte this lady has a lot of charisma with a lot of respect Hi, I’m from Argentina but your videos thanks to the videos work later Well good to watch the videos is a list of the towns of granada de granadas a you years is and send me stir or via google maps towns of less than six thousand inhabitants with google you put it and that’s it well since the link fernandez hello are you the tall ones to save time Hahaha Ok berlin is that listening to it I read the comments well to not interrupt much Jennifer that of the aura for example my name is laura and I would ask for legal residence.


The issue is that my husband is retired due to health problems and as far as he could only ask for family roots. per year of residence how to do it ask for legal residence look laura if you are with more data in case but if you are living legally With legal residence in Spain and you are from Latin America to the two years that you have been living here with legal residence you can apply for nationality and you are already and is already a Spanish like Jennifer or like me two years only one of China or an African asks ten years to those of Latin America are the other years Of course legal residence is not worth being undocumented Well, you know, I say it a lot to take two years in a handful my sister’s boyfriend and last name 62 years of legal residence you can ask for nationality and you leave stories a question if I have the nie and I want to travel as a tourist I don’t have immigration problems at the entrance or exactly what the jet is for the source failed the child will give you neither more nor less problems the child, for example, is useful for people that of the crazy people this in a comment this morning what the law says the NIE is like the Spanish ID for foreigners between if you have to business or in Spain that ask for an identification you have the right to the Spanish state to give you a number of is meant number of foreign identification is a number is like the DNI is current DNI for a Spanish because so it is out and numbers identify the foreigner test so I can study it because I want to do a business in Spain and they ask me for an ID and the consulate has the obligation to give you some collaborate more others less but they have to identify what I want to rent a house and they ask me for it I want to enroll in the Lastly I want to get a card in where I want to open a bank account and ask me to join you have the right to take out others in mine and what you are inside in the immigration office in Spanish those who are outside in the consulates insists some consulates are better and others worse each one goes on his own although all are from Spain nothing works better does not work better exit more or less but you have the right to nie as long as you have a reason that justifies it I insist I want to be hired that could be a reason yes because without NIE they will not hire you anything is that then that countries good PRIXLINERS and Listen you need the health card also very well I am responding among you is not what I want with the guest with Jennifer in this case and reading at the same time among you you have to help us here in the comments intelligence collective do and the guests also help us help us help us and together we will do a lot of information I am learning it with you are not also Jennifer some little more than anything left the inkwell that really is there is a lot of demand for women women we are very hardworking I am the best we are the best if we reconcile working life with family life and being braver being able to bring a name here the candles of being Brave and we really want to and we do things very well then that also entrepreneurs know they know it doesn’t have the same in the same purpose a woman then finishes a job just like a man will not go so fine then that is known and also more constant and more responsible too in everything there is everything but above all we will not discriminate Sure but I feel that there is a lot of demand and I already tell you in a thousand ads you can see it perfectly and you can earn enough money with or without papers is very important information and remind them of the value of construction trades apart from coming as freelancers to set up your business if you want to work for companies remember that you also look for the topic of you can put in the employment pages infojobs also in milanuncios there are also but in those six by electrician builder as kitchen furniture assembler welder what you want you look for and give him to look for and by trade country in contract what it costs me you will obviously have to register on the page and I could put your curriculum together Diego de Ávila I am looking for your question Good afternoon friends I wish I was wondering nothing I read All the documents of I have documents from Italy but I want to leave Spain, you are going to answer you, we also learn all For many reasons I do not know if you can help guide us make sure legally in spain diego davila then if you have all your documents from italy then come to spain because europe is we are getting any citizen of a European country that can work look at all who come here now Spain works with Europe another thing is the language if you don’t know Italian get out of German but you may have to thank is that diego says he is in Italy you can come tomorrow my very clear here you start like you start man would be good then to see in the european union all the countries of europe and freedom of movement of people and capital whichever is With legal residence in a country of the European Union you can go to the others without any procedure then old man if you are in italy you can come to spanish as if a person is in Spain and wants to go to Italy for example to work looking after children teach the Italians Spanish it could also be an idea or germany ok whenever ok and exhaust the law is not that I can not say all but well as you have insisted because I notice that the one they were scolding me hahahahaha it has already become clear you do not come directly I think man to see my opinion what opinion we give him I think and food and from Italy to long here the Italians have a lot With the construction but they took advantage of construction from daniel vale luis please I know of construction Do you know if to work they ask me for some permission to work independently and offer my services through networks and websites appeared the inba is studying that issue If you work in construction but are getting in your construction account can become autonomous author and geometry these measures is autonomous 50 euros the first year of up to tax them What they know about construction because you as such is common as he offers if I’m a carpenter by sight I in all the construction companies will talk to you when they want to make a house and want to put the doors they are going to What will they call or I’m a plumber, I have my plumbing business and the good thing is that all the money is there for you it is a good idea that if I am outside the consulate you say I want to work on my own in Spain I am I know Carpenter look it up online and you will see what you need is simple if only Okay PRIXLINERS that we left them already badly and Jennifer watching what PRIXLINERS tomorrow on instagram at 6 Spanish time I do the consulting the first one that gave me the consultancy comes live here but not on youtube on instagram ok? and on YouTube we go out in two or three days and Jennifer is preparing a new video I can announce it to blackmail to work from home in Spain how they work from home From all countries to work from home and with via internet via internet doing crafts or things or many things Studying well thank you very much please, if you like it like that, it encourages us a lot and whoever is watching it has seen it and is not subscribed subscription and bell we always broadcast live on this occasion from madrid thank you very much PRIXLINERS thank you very much bye bye …

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